The (Hopefully) Wildest Ride of the Spring 2017 Semester

On Thursday morning, I woke up nervous but ready to kick butt. My latest team had been working for a week on a story about cemeteries, and we were so ready to lay the project to rest (pun intended). I put my Deadline Day motivation playlist on shuffle, and the first two songs were exactly what I needed to hear.

The first one was “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, a band whose percussion makes me feel like I can move mountains. When I heard the lyrics at 0:27, “I’m the one at the sail / I’m the master of my sea,” I stared down my reflection in my bathroom mirror and told myself I could do anything.

The other song has been one of my all-time favorites since it came out almost a year ago. “I Want It” is one of Blue October’s few happy tunes. The part that makes me feel invincible starts at 2:02 and goes, “I’m never gonna stop / I won’t walk away / I want it, crave it, bottle up and save it / I’m here to stay.” Those lyrics perfectly describe how I feel about the convergence sequence even when it makes me want to bang my head against the nearest wall.

The songs couldn’t have been timed any better because this past week has been an absolute rollercoaster. Over the course of four days, I spent about six hours driving through five counties to get interviews and b-roll. I had to fill my gas tank twice in that time. On Tuesday, I accidentally left a mic in western Boonville and had to go get it Wednesday before my 8 a.m. class so I wouldn’t have to pay a late fee to the j-school’s equipment lab. I was already behind on sleep, so waking up at 5 a.m. that morning didn’t help. I messed up the front bumper on my car a couple weeks ago, so I had to get that looked at this week. Additionally, there was almost no food in my apartment because my roommate, Gabby, and I only have time to go grocery shopping on Mondays. She had an exam at 8 p.m. on Monday night (why does Stats 1200 even do that? I’m so glad I took a different stats class), and I of course had all that reporting to do.

So needless to say, I was incredibly stressed out before those two songs brought my nerves down and pumped me up on Deadline Day, and I still ended up freaking out that afternoon in the lab when I was having trouble organizing the text piece I was writing. I was so grateful for the distraction and the laughs that came from the professors getting matching hats and posing for a bunch of photos. Mark’s hat says “Make Audio Great Again,” and Judd’s says “Make the Nut Graf Great Again.”


This may or may not be the lock screen wallpaper on my phone. (Hint: it totally is.)

That wasn’t the only great thing that happened this week. On Tuesday night, I performed with MU Improv for the first time since December as part of our annual all-female show, Femprov. Gabby was on my team, and she said that was the best she had ever seen me perform.


I’m in the back row of this fierce group photo, second from the right. Gabby is on the far left in the middle row, and our friend Hannah is the blonde next to me. The three of us saw Beauty and the Beast in theaters on Thursday night, and it surpassed our already-high expectations. Then on Friday night, I went to a Cold War Kids concert (below) at the Blue Note, and it was easily the best concert I’ve ever been to. If you were there and you saw a girl with glasses and a white hat singing her heart out, that was me.


What I’m trying to say is that everything turns out OK in the end. On Wednesday, I got that mic from my source in Boonville and still made it on time to 4804. On Thursday, I got the text piece approved after only two tries, a personal record, and my team made our deadline. On Friday, Gabby and I finally got groceries. Today, I got my car fixed and attended the MU Women’s Leadership Conference. And tonight, I’m going to get a ton of much-needed sleep.

Even the fastest, craziest rollercoasters eventually come to a stop.

**The photo at the top of this post is the Deadline Day playlist’s cover art, a collage of 4804-related images. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify and 8tracks.**

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