2017 Postseason: And So It Begins…

The MLB regular season ended just a week ago, and already three teams are facing a division series elimination game. I don’t have a dog in the fight, and it’s midterm season, so baseball isn’t a huge priority right now. But I’m still paying attention…

Here’s what I think of the postseason so far.


Cleveland Indians vs. New York Yankees

Who I want to win: Indians

Who I think will win: Indians

I’ve said before that I hope the Indians win the World Series this year. They currently have the longest WS drought since the Cubs beat them last year and ended their own (much longer) drought. The team continued its momentum into this season, became the best team in the AL and now has a two-game lead over the winners of the AL Wild Card. I’m guessing they’ll sweep the Yanks, but they’ll probably have a fight on their hands against either the Astros or the Red Sox. That series will probably go at least five games.

Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros

Who I want to win: Red Sox

Who I think will win: Astros?

Literally as I’m writing this, Game 3 is happening at Fenway Park. The Astros took an early 3-0 lead, but Boston went up 4-3 in the 3rd and 10-3 in the 7th. Even if Boston forces a Game 4, they’ll have to win two more in a row, so it’s anyone’s series.

I have a soft spot for the BoSox because they tuned me into baseball in 2004 when they broke their World Series curse, and I’ll choose them over their rivals the Yankees any day. I also have a bit of a soft spot for teams that haven’t won the WS yet, including the Astros. This is definitely the series I’m the most flexible about.


Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Who I want to win: D-backs

Who I think will win: Dodgers

The D-backs beat one rival, the Colorado Rockies, in the NL Wild Card. Now they’re down two games against another NL West rival. The Dodgers are usually good, but this year they had the best record in the MLB with 104 wins. And that was partly without their ace pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, who was injured for a while. Kershaw (pictured above) usually throws poorly in the playoffs, but he surprisingly won on Friday. I think that’s because he’s less worn out from the regular season, since he didn’t play as much.

The D-backs haven’t been great in the past several years, so they kind of came up out of nowhere this year. I used to halfheartedly root for them, and they’re total underdogs, so I’m with them for now. I wouldn’t mind if they won the NL pennant.

Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs

Who I want to win: Nats

Who I think will win: Cubs

Formerly the Montreal Expos, the Nats have never won the NL pennant or played in the World Series. They haven’t even made it past the NLDS since they became the Nats in 2005. That might really motivate them to kick butt this year.

This series is the only one that’s tied after two games. It looked like the Cubs were going to win last night, but Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman scored a total of 5 runs for the Nats in the 8th to put off the elimination game. Here’s a look at that:

I always root against the Cubs, but they’re the reigning WS champs. They had the fewest regular season win of all the teams that won their divisions, but they have plenty of fight in them and could definitely with a second consecutive WS title. We’ll just have to see where this goes, because sometimes baseball is the most unpredictable sport.

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