Houston Brings It Home

They did it. The Houston Astros won their first World Series ever.

It was a wild series. The only consecutive wins by the same team were Games 2 and 3, which Houston won. Other than that, they traded wins with the Dodgers and went all the way to Game 7. I’ll admit I was super busy with internship applications and school stuff, so the only part of Game 7 I saw was the bottom of the 9th. But that was the part that mattered.

The reactions from the Astros, the media and the people of Houston have been awesome to watch. Like I said a couple weeks ago, the city deserved the win in light of Hurricane Harvey.

Here are some highlights from the game:

The last pitcher for the Astros was Charlie Morton, a former Pirates starter who really wasn’t that good when he played for us. Francisco Liriano is another ex-Pirate who pitched for the Astros in Game 7. I’ll talk about them and other former Bucs pitchers next week.

The 2017 season may be over, but this blog is required until December. I definitely won’t run out of stuff to write about. And no, it won’t all be about the Pirates.

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